Everything You Need to Know About Metals

Everything You Need to Know About Metals

At Theadore + Co. we offer White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum. Our standard is 18K, however we also offer different karats based on your requirements.

Karats are units of measurement that indicate the percentage of pure gold in your jewellery. Gold is an extremely soft metal that must often be mixed with an alloy to make it more durable. In numerical terms, 18k gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy.

Yellow Gold 

What makes yellow gold truly special is its versatility. It compliments a wide range of gemstones and settings, making it a popular choice for various styles and occasions. In the world of fine jewellery, yellow gold remains a classic choice, offering a blend of tradition, elegance, and a touch of extravagance.

White Gold 

White gold is a sophisticated and contemporary alternative to traditional yellow gold. It achieves its brilliant, silvery-white appearance by combining pure gold with white metals such as nickel, palladium, or silver. 18K White Gold is coated with a thin layer of rhodium to enhance its whiteness and provide additional durability.

Rose Gold

The warm, rosy glow of rose gold is achieved by combining gold with copper alloys. Known for its romantic and vintage charm, it complements a variety of skin tones. While not as scratch-resistant as white gold or platinum, rose gold's unique color and timeless appeal make it a sought-after choice for those who appreciate a touch of femininity.


Platinum is a rare and precious metal renowned for its exceptional durability, natural white colour, and unmatched brilliance. The natural white hue of platinum is distinct from other white metals, and unlike white gold, it requires no rhodium plating to maintain it as colour. Platinum also has a unique quality of developing a distinctive patina (texture) over time, adding character to the metal. Some individuals appreciate this natural aging process, while others may prefer to maintain the original polished look through occasional professional polishing.

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