A guide to wedding bands

A guide to wedding bands

Choosing your wedding band is a significant decision, reflecting on your style and commitment. Whether you prefer a classic plain band, a sparkling pavé setting, or a distinctive design like a baguette or crown band. Ultimately, your wedding band should be a timeless symbol of your love and partnership.

Cuff Wedding Band

Our cuff wedding band features an open-ended design. This style offers a sleek and easily stackable design and can be made in 18k Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, 18k Rose Gold or Platinum. Cuff wedding bands provide a contemporary and elegant symbol of commitment. 

Plain Wedding Band

Plain wedding bands are a timeless and classic choice, known for their simplicity and elegance. Our plain bands feature a smooth, unadorned surface emphasising their sleek design. Their understated appearance makes them a versatile option to pair with various engagement rings. 

Crown Wedding Band

A crown wedding band is an elegant and regal choice, designed to resemble a crown's intricate details. Often adorned with small diamonds or gemstones, this band adds a touch of sophistication to any wedding set. Its unique design symbolises strength and commitment, making it a distinctive and memorable piece.

Medium Pavé Round Wedding Band

Our medium pavé round wedding band is a sophisticated choice, featuring a row of small, round, closely set stones that circle the band. This design offers a continuous sparkle and an elegant appearance, making it a popular option for those seeking a balance of simplicity and glamour. 

Pavé Eternity Wedding Band

Slightly smaller than the medium pavé band, our eternity band is the perfect option for those wanting a little touch of sparkle with a more simplistic and thinner band. The pavé setting maximizes the brilliance of each stone, making the band an exquisite and timeless piece. 

Large Baguette Wedding Band

Our large baguette wedding band is a bold and sophisticated choice, featuring elongated, rectangular baguette-cut stones set around the band. This design offers a striking and modern aesthetic. Crafted from precious metals such as various gold options or platinum, the large baguette wedding band makes a statement of elegance and luxury.

Large Pavé Oval Wedding Band

Similar to the medium pavé round band, our large pavé oval wedding band is a stunning and elegant choice, featuring a row of oval-shaped diamonds set closely together in a pavé setting. This design creates a continuous band of sparkling brilliance, enhancing the unique shape and size of each diamond. The large pavé oval wedding band combines classic elegance with a modern touch.

If you’re beginning your search for the perfect wedding band or exploring options, book an appointment today or email us at hello@theadoreandco.com with any enquiries. 

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