Oval Engagement Rings

Embrace the sophistication of Oval Engagement Rings at Theadore + Co., where elegance meets timeless design. 

Oval Engagement Rings at Theadore + Co.

Our collection of oval-cut rings in our Sydney and Gold Coast showrooms combines the classic allure of this elongated shape with modern styling to capture the essence of eternal love.

Flattering Design: Oval-cut diamonds are renowned for their ability to elongate the finger, offering a flattering and distinctive appearance that's both contemporary and timeless.

Brilliant Reflections: The unique shape of an oval diamond allows for exceptional light reflection, creating a bright and lively appearance that highlights the depth and purity of the stone.

Our Selection of Oval Engagement Rings

Diverse Styles: Our oval engagement rings range from sleek solitaires to intricate halo settings. Each design is crafted to showcase the oval diamond’s natural beauty and unique characteristics.

Tailored to All Tastes: Whether you're drawn to minimalistic elegance or detailed craftsmanship, our selection includes options that resonate with every individual style and preference.

Oval Ring Customisation and Consultation

Create Your Dream Ring: At Theadore + Co., we offer bespoke services that allow you to customise your oval engagement ring. Choose your setting, metal, and any additional gemstones to create a piece that truly represents your unique bond.

Expert Guidance: Our jewellery experts are dedicated to helping you find or design the oval engagement ring of your dreams. They'll provide valuable insights into the qualities of oval diamonds and assist you in making choices that suit your style and budget.

Discover More at Theadore + Co.

Visit our showrooms in Sydney or the Gold Coast to explore our exquisite collection of oval engagement rings. Alternatively, schedule an online consultation to view our selection remotely and discuss your options with our experts.